Tournament Rules

Games will be played in two 20 minute halves with running clock.
Unless there is a 20 point spread or more the clock will stop:
1. In the last 1 minute of the first half.
2. In the last 2 minutes of the second half.
3. In the last 1 minute of any overtime.

Overtime (and double overtime) will be 2 minutes with a jump ball to start each. Clock stops in the last 1 minute. A third overtime will also start with a jump ball and the first team to score a point wins.

Halftime will be 3 minutes if game is on time. Otherwise halftime will be 2 minutes.

Press Rule:

No pressing by any team leading by 20 points or more.

Time outs:
Each team will have two (2) 30 second time outs per half plus one (1) sixty second time out per game. One additional time out will be awarded to each team per overtime period.

Tie Breaker:
– Head to Head
– Margin of Victory in all pool games
– Points allowed in all pool games
– Coin Flip

Additional Rules:

Ball Size: High School- 29.5”     8th Grade and lower – 28.5”

Each team will provide a representative to assist with running the clock or keeping the scorebook. This person shall remain neutral and refrain from cheering or coaching.

Each team must have an adult coach on the bench. The coach is responsible for correctly filling out the score sheet for each game. This should include first name, last name and uniform number of each player.

Player Eligibility:  No player is eligible to play on more than 1 team in the same division.   Any game with an ineligible player is subject to forfeiture.

Forfeits: Any time a team is not present at Game Time the game may be forfeited at the discretion of the tournament manager or tournament representative. Forfeits are recorded as 20-0.

Ejections: Any time a coach or player is ejected for any reason the ejected party is automatically subject to a one game suspension without written exception from the tournament manager or tournament representative. If the ejection was due to any physical action or threat of any kind this exception will not be given.

Goal Height:
 2nd and 3rd Grade teams will play on 9’ goal unless waived by both coaches