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Dear Prospective Sponsor:
        This is an invitation for local businesses, churches and charitable organizations to participate in the continued growth of KAN Do Hoops.
        KAN Do Hoops is a competitive basketball organization, which was established in 2011 providing basketball for boys and girls in grades 2nd thru 8th.  During this time, we have witnessed tremendous growth with over 100 kids in our program.
        KAN Do Hoops is structured so that every kid has an opportunity to play no matter the skill level.  We provide different level of teams per grade so that each kid can feel comfortable and make strides to improve his/her play.  Our goal is to maximize team values, develop character and self-esteem of every child, while developing sportsmanship and teamwork.
        To continue this service and keep cost effective, we need your financial support. You can become an integral part of KAN Do Hoops by helping us to become more responsive to the needs of our youth.  Your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION of $150.00 or more will make you a team sponsor and assist in the purchase of uniforms, equipment and gym rental fees.  In addition, financial assistance is provided to students who desire to participate in our program when a financial barrier exists.
        As a team sponsor, your company’s name or logo will be put on our website. In addition, we will pass out a sponsorship sheet to all of our parents and post your business name, address and website in our advertisement center during the season.
        Your participation will give the children a well-rounded sports/educational experience.  Please click the donate button or contact me for more information . Working together, we can assure a quality program continues.

Thank you for your continued support.

Nick Marshall
KAN Do Hoops President

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